Cheers to the New Year & Making Your Vision...Reality!

Make Your Vision...Reality!

Thank you for all who were able to come out to the vision board social session earlier this month. Remember to use your vision board as a tool to manifest your desires. Whether that means hanging up in your office or bedroom; spending 2 minutes a day feeling the emotions associated with your vision; or hiding it and taking it out once a week/month to meditate on it and keep your focus. Whatever works best for you. Key is to remember to believe you are worthy of your vision and the emotions it evokes in you.

"When you put your attention on something, you experience more of it. Maybe it is created by a magical force of attention. At the very least, you are going to selectively pay attention to these things you like once you selectively start to gear yourself to focus on them more." 

- Martha Beck, Life Coach, Sociologist, Best-Selling Author

Speaking of Reality...

Remember that Podcast I said we would be launching? 

Empresses On Fire is ready for the world. Empresses on Fire is a podcast created by myself, Catherine Grant, Marvay Malcolm, and Savhanna Rayne. The podcast is dedicated to Black women and women of colour to celebrate our achievements in business and life. Join us for a casual conversation on topics relevant to women of colourand meet some of our very inspirational guests. Listen to our first two episodes on SoundCloud

Empresses On Fire - Episode 00

Empresses On Fire - Episode 01

Cheers to the Journey!

Wishing you all the very best for the holidays and the new year! It's been such a pleasure to share 2018 with you all and I hope to continue our journey of entrepreneurship, personal growth and empire building in 2019 and beyond! Cheers to the journey!

With love + gratitude,