Living by your own terms is the greatest achievement!

Happy ending to the first month of the new year!

I hope all of you feel accomplished with the goals you’ve put into the universe so far. If some of you are like me in terms of not exactly following the plan you laid out — I resolved to read one book every month, but it’s Jan 31 and I’m on page 40 of 300+ — don’t worry. Goals are made to be revisited, optimized, and adjusted. Be kind to yourself, and know that each day you can choose to change the plan again!

On another note, this year I’m really exploring the idea of “work independence”, and how this idea is consistently evolving. Flexible and independent working arrangements have become much more popular recently. Whether you are working two part-time jobs or are a full-time independent contractor/ freelancer, you work remotely or you own and operate your own business. This freedom of choice in designing one’s own schedule is growing. More and more people are rejecting the traditional 9-5. Many are exploring or even jumping full-force into entrepreneurship. Globe and Mail said that by 2020 45% of the Canadian workforce will be made up of freelancers, independent contractors, on-demand workers, and remote workers.

Now there is much debate about whether this growth in non-traditional occupations is a result of the changes in the workforce or the changes in the mindsets of the people who make up the workforce. It’s kind of like the chicken and the egg — which came first? What I can say, from my observations is that there is definitely a growing trend of people of colour — women in particular — finding ways to build their empires through creating profitable businesses. For people of colour, being your own boss and having agency is extremely important as it is, for many, an act of resistance against the systemic racism that has made it a challenge for people of colour to achieve social mobility and success in comparison to their white counterparts.

It is my pleasure to be part of the movement towards independence, freedom, and choice. I am empowered through helping women like myself and people of colour in general as they work towards carving out the life they want and achieving their goals.

Living by your own terms is the greatest achievement.

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with Gratitude,

Jessica Rayne