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Evolving Doors, is a community + social organization dedicated to supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, visionaries, innovators and creatives through knowledge exchange, high-quality experiences, programs and live events.

We cultivate a brave, supportive and diverse community that provides resources, services and experiences to help equip women to build their business, career, community, and live a more fulfilling life by their own terms.

We host Women’s Empire Building Retreats throughout the year and various social and professional opportunities for like minded women to come together to explore, experience and evolve.

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Hosting Women's Empire Building Retreats

Personal + Professional Development Experiences & Events

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Masterminds & Accountability programs to help you get from A-Z

Coaching + Consulting to start, launch, grow your business


Jessica Alina Rayne

Founder of Evolving Doors

I am a creator, curator, connector + community builder who has always been fascinated with human potential, self discovery, personal + professional growth, and creating transformative experiences. I am in the business of inspiring, creating value, and supporting people and organizations to reach their highest potential. I do this through events, programs, and content that facilitate meaningful connections and growth.

The butterfly + elephant — two animals that resonate with my spirit and resemble how I navigate this world. There’s no wonder why I crave + embrace change, love to keep moving + growing, stay dreaming, and constantly exploring new ideas. I have a powerful quiet strength + patience that allows me to stay calm and confident in almost any challenge. I see life optimistically from many different perspectives and I believe in continuously feeding the soul, the imagination, and connecting with the world (both inner and outer).

After many years in school studying business, marketing and getting my masters in sociology (which I really enjoyed) I got into the labour force. Sounds rough, eh? - "Labour Force". Well that’s how it felt for many years.

Fast-forward to the present: I decided to change my mindset, change the people around me, and take action by taking the first step. I began to soar. Now I am building my empire, and inspiring others to do the same!

I have extensive experience in Research, Brand Strategy, Communications, Program Development + Delivery, Event Community Relations and Event Production. I love working closely with entrepreneurs, students, communities, small businesses, and nonprofits by providing services that help them create and nurture meaningful relationships with their people (whoever they maybe, both internal and external).

I wear many hats like most of us, I am mother, sister, aunt, friend and an advocate for women of colour and other equity seeking groups who have faced a history of oppression. I strongly believe in the power of education and in economic empowerment through entrepreneurship.

Thank you for the visit, I am honoured to be part of your journey.

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Forever Evolving,

Jessica Rayne